Masport Advantage




Masport offers a range of mowers tailored to your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Our mowers are packed with features. They are innovative and high performing, helping you to achieve that perfect lawn.

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Handle Lift System

The Handle Lift System makes it easy for you to quickly access the catcher (or Smartchute® system). The only thing you need to do is step on the foot pedal and lift the handle, it’s that easy! Once the handle is back to the operating position, it will lock in firmly allowing for responsive handling. The Handle Lift System reduces storage space too!

Self Propelled

Self Propelled lawnmowers do the work for you. These lawnmowers are fitted with a self-drive system. The only thing you have to do is squeeze the self propelled bail to the handle to propel the mower forward. This minimises the effort you need to put in, making mowing quicker and easier!

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Zone Start

The intelligently positioned starter cord gets rid of the need to bend all the way down to pull-start, decreasing the risk of back strain.

Rear Discharge

The lawnmower can be used effectively without a catcher when using the rear discharge chute. Rear discharge mowers are designed to work with Masport’s unique ‘high-arch’ housing and blade systems which generate superior airflow. The grass is spread across the full width of the chute and directed downward.

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Briggs & Stratton’s InStart™ lithium-ion electric start engines make starting your lawnmower an absolute breeze. You don’t have to worry about choking, priming or pulling the rope. This is the first engine to combine the power of petrol and the starting reliability of lithium-ion battery technology.

Mow & Stow

Masport and Briggs & Stratton have come together to design a concept that makes storage effortless and more efficient. The Masport crafted exclusive handle system folds upright and then back on itself to create a strong base. The Briggs & Stratton designed engine tips backwards up to 110° without any fuel or oil leakage and is absolutely safe. Mow the grass, stow the lawnmower - Save significantly on shed space!


Masport Dual Mowzone®

The Dual Mowzone® blades’ coverage extends beyond the wheel width on both sides allowing the lawnmower to cut closer to curbs, walls and fences, giving your lawn a tidier finish.


A new development in lawn mowing technology means that your lawnmower can do more than just cut the grass. With our additional chipper blade, you can now shred branches up to 35mm in diameter turning them into useful mulch. As branches are chipped, the chips are fed back into the catcher so you can put the mulch to use in your garden or compost.




Using a mulcher means the lawn mower isn’t as heavy to push and you don’t need to worry about stopping to empty the catcher. The special blade and high-arch chassis design allows the mower to naturally recycle your grass by re-cutting the clippings and feeding them back to your lawn. Mulching will save you on lawn fertilisers and watering, not to mention your time!


Mow without the catcher and avoid sloppy grass clumps. The Masport patented Smartchute® will side discharge a tidy spread of clippings as you mow to leave your lawn looking spectacular. All you need to do is engage this exclusive feature and start mowing.


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M-Tech Power Management

Our newest power management system, Masport M-Tech, brings the latest in lithium-ion battery technology to power brushless induction electric motors that will match the performance of many domestic petrol-powered lawn mowers. At the simple push of a button you can begin mowing with emission free power and superior lawn mower performance.